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Healome Therapeutics

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About Us

Healome Therapeutics is a clinical stage company developing treatments for eye conditions, with a particular interest in ocular surface diseases and injuries.​


We aim to create products that can help patients and healthcare care providers to obtain transformative clinical and quality of life outcomes through the safest, simplest, and most scalable approaches possible. 


Our current products under development are based on a proprietary eye drop technology offering combined drug retention, lubrication and protection at the ocular surface.​


While we strive to transform eye care over the longer-term, we are committed to improving the field in the near-term as well. Using our technology, we aim to enhance the therapeutic value of existing ocular medicines through reformulation, and develop novel therapeutics that could transform the management of ocular surface health. 

Medical Consultation

Better medicine, Better healthcare


Better medicine by developing treatment approaches that better address the drivers and quality of life impacts of ocular diseases and injuries.


Better healthcare by deploying ‘better medicine’ at scale in a way that enables healthcare providers and people to effectively manage the growing and evolving eye health challenges around the world.

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Healome Therapeutics Ltd

Birmingham Research Park

97 Vincent Drive


B15 2SQ


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