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HealoTEAR is formulation technology designed to transform the current standard of care in eye drop-based treatment, especially for ocular surface conditions. We aim to deploy the technology to help improve treatment outcomes and patient quality of life in the near term while working towards transforming treatment over the longer-term. 


A therapeutic bandage you apply and forget about like a normal eye drop

HealoTEAR formulation technology offers combined:

  • enhanced drug retention

  • lubrication

  • protection

at the ocular surface.

No preservatives, just apply and forget about it like any other eye drop. The material is compatible with a range of multi-dose containers designed to make eye drop administration easier.


Enabling better, safer and easier to use treatments 

Simplifying treatment of ocular surface conditions by combining treatment of the underlying biology with protection of vulnerable and damaged ocular surfaces. We also aim to improve safety and patient treatment adherence through reduced dosing and avoiding preservatives. 


Ocular drug retention, lubrication and protection.

Treat multiple disease factors at once.


Preservative-free, using approved polymers.

Avoid treatment-limiting eye irritation.


Increased drug residence time on the eye.

Reduced dose frequency / size.


Customise without unscalable chemistry.

Rapid reformulation of therapeutics.


Enhancing existing therapeutics and creating new therapeutic approaches

Improve existing therapeutics to maintain a valued role in current standard of care. Enabling cutting-edge therapeutics by making more effective use of each dose. 

Beyond drug delivery, we are leveraging the platform to explore and create novel therapeutics to guide disease and healing processes.


Current Projects and Pipeline

The platform been approved to enter Phase 1 human trials to treat moderate-severe dry eye with complex immune involvement and/or ocular surface damage.


We are exploring and responding to other areas of high unmet need where patient treatment adherence, safety, or pre-surgical intervention can be improved. 

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