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About us

Healome Therapeutics is a Birmingham (UK) based healthcare company that engineers and locally delivers 'pro-healing' micro-environments to maximise the quality of healing and function of diseased and damaged tissues. 

We are utilising this platform to tackle some of the most notoriously challenging conditions known to have biological, chemical and physical drivers or pose significant therapeutic delivery and retention challenges.

Our leading application area is in ocular surface diseases where the platform will be exploited in phase 1 trials.

Tackling some of the leading causes of preventable blindness

Ocular Surface Diseases (OSDs) covers a range of conditions that affect the surface of the cornea, conjunctiva, eye lid margins, glands with a role in tear film production and the eye lashes. OSDs, including the commonly known Dry Eye Disease, 

are notoriously challenging to treat because they often have cyclic biological, chemical and physical driving factors requiring a package of therapeutic products to address. 

Reading, sleeping comfortably, looking at screens and driving can become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, over time as damage to the ocular surface progresses.


Work, education, social lives and mental health are commonly impacted in what are otherwise relatively fit and healthy people. 

Innovation is needed not just out of compassion - there is a big opportunity cost in not innovating.

Our first generation of therapies come in the form of an ocular surface bandage you apply like a normal eye drop


Flows like a liquid when extruded from container


engineering and delivering the right therapeutic environment that stays on the eye for longer enables:

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Ready to create and accelerate a new paradigm of treatments for OSDs through partnerships


Novel approach to tackling signs and symptoms of OSDs 

Address the biological, chemical and physical aspects of OSDs. Drug retention and protection of a bandage, but as easy to apply as an eye drop.

Potentially rapid reformulation of new and existing medicines

Customise handling properties without repeating pre-clinical work each time. Incorporate small molecules, biologics, blood components, antibody fragments..


Safety well-established and made to clinical grade

Shown to be safe pre-clinically, excellent stability and scalable manufacturing. Entering phase 1 human trials

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If you are a healthcare company with interests in partnering, an investor or healthcare advocacy/patient group, we would like to hear from you.

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